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The Crafted Coin Recognizes Liberty

The Crafted Coin has been in the making for decades. 
As a youngster I can remember my Grandfather sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair and carving beautiful  animals. Horses, Cows, Ducks etc... with just his hands and the "Old Timer" pocket knife he always had with him. He was a patriotic man who built and worked on every thing he had. As a patriot he served in WWII and had what I believe to this day to be the most beautiful property in all of the the country.  A white painted house with a welcoming shaded front porch and ice cold spring water that tasted like sweet heaven. Birds were always chirping and honey bees worked in the hives that he had built and tended. What a beautiful setting, in those North Carolina Smokey Mountains, he and I loved.
Our Coin Rings are as unique and individual as any tattoo and reminiscent of the folk art and ancestry of time. The Crafted Coin offers silver coin rings and occasionally copper coin rings as well as coin rings and spinner coin rings are made of a combination of materials including nickle and manganese. We pursue a purposeful design with the use of creative elements. If you have metal sensitivities please consider rings that are silver or mostly silver. Plus, Silver has an inherent value as a precious metal. Many collectors of coins and silver love to wear their change and bounty and not just store it in their safes and pockets.

Individuals buy coin rings with dates that are significant for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other Life Events. Others are looking to make a statement such as Molan Labe or Don't Tread On Me/Second Amendment or maybe Biker or Indian art.  Many wish to adorn jewelry that represents the United States or "In God We Trust" or Historical Rings. Rings are made from dollars, quarters, dimes and commemorative coins and rounds. Some rings are worn on the pinky finger or toes. Others are worn as bands and some even as wedding bands. The point is that The Crafted Coin supports all individuals and their quest for a unique gift for him or her.

Our unique coin rings are hand crafted and forged in fire. The finish on the rings varies and helps add to the broad range of uniqueness. Some are polished and others have antique patinas or inlays. The Crafted Coin does not sell on Amazon.

The Crafted Coin simply strives to share with all our sense of patriotism and craftsmanship that is done with hands that have only good intentions. I get up every day and look forward to the light that it brings.

Thank you for viewing and supporting The Crafted Coin.

Steven E. 

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